When the years pass and memories get blurry, you’ll look at your ring and reminisce about the wonderful life you’ve had together.

Ice Band

Hammered Band

Aurora Ice

The Ethereal Collection

Wedding Bands

The Ethereal Collection

• 18k yellow gold

• 1.2mm round band

• 9x 1.5mm side diamonds

• Stacking ring

• 18k yellow gold

• 6mm width

• Hammered finish

• High gloss or satin

• 18k yellow gold

• 1.2mm round band

• 0.5ct+ focal diamond

• 8x 1.5mm side diamonds

Starting at £635

Starting at £665

Starting at £1945

Maggie + Robert

A Scottish Adventure

We were on the way to our elopement destination right off the North Coast 500 route. This is it, I said. It's our waterfall. We are here. We looked around. A herd of deer grazed on the slope of one of the mountains nearby. Such beautiful and majestic creatures...


Your most precious, fleeting memories encapsulated.

by lelya

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